"Welcome to the digital Age"

Almost nothing happens today without the internet. Many -  if not all - customers use the internet to look for information and identify potential suppliers.
What they want is a user friendly site with exactly the information they want and need. The less clicks required to get to the required information the more appreciated by the customers.
With the vast amount of information on the internet it is important your site is found and identified as a useful site. This requires search engine optimisation and a structure that is as intuitive to navigate as possible.

Ideally your customers will use your site as a steady source of information and therefore regular updates are important without you having to spend to much time with it.

S to-the-N Marketing & Kommunikation

  • Concept of your site
  • Analysis of existing sites and identification of areas for improvement
  • Integration in overall communication concept
  • E-marketing strategy
  • Project Management
  • Supplier Management

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